New deliverables submitted

We just submitted four new deliverables to the European Commission for review:

  • D2.2 “First release of the platform and guidelines” serves as a basis for initial tests in Validation, necessary to collect feedback to refine both process and platform;
  • D4.1 “Gap analysis of existing reasoning techniques and requirements for the ATM participatory architectural design” describes strengths and weaknesses of state-of-art model verification, thus helping define the direction for the development of the PACAS reasoning techniques;
  • D5.1 “Concept, Scenarios and Validation Plan” presents, in addition to the PACAS concept and the reference scenarios, the project stakeholders and the overall approach to validation, including validation objectives and planned activities; and
  • D6.2 “Exploitation plan” reports on future exploitation, multiplication and sustainability activities.

These deliverables will be available on the website as soon as they are approved. Meanwhile, you can see the full list of deliverables and download the public ones in the documents page.