Progress Meeting

PACAS Consortium reunited on the 25-26th of October, 2016 hosted by Utrecht University (The Netherlands) for a project Progress Meeting.

The meeting was the occasion for all the partners to get together and meet with Project Officers Ruben Flohr, Paula Cortes and Ivan De Burchgraeve with the scope of jointly analysing PACAS progress after eight months of activity and planning the next actions to perform.

Past and next events for PACAS

Recently, PACAS took part in the IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference held on the 12-16th of September in Beijing, China. PACAS provided a Tutorial on Security Requirements Engineering and presented STS. STS is a comprehensive method that spans from the early phases of requirements engineering (where the security requirements are expressed) to the specification of secure business processes (where security mechanisms are chosen to fulfill the requirements). This modeling language is the baseline of the security modeling perspective in PACAS, and the automated reasoning mechanisms exemplify some of the reasoning of PACAS.

In the next weeks, instead, the project will participate in three events:

  • First of all, on the 8-10th of November we will be in Delft, The Netherlands. We will take part in the SESAR Innovation Days 2016 with a poster on Participatory Architectural Change MAnagement in ATM Systems (PACAS): preliminary validation results, currently under preparation.
  • In addition, on the 7th of November we will be back in Delft, The Netherlands for a workshop on Agent-based Modelling in Air Traffic Management. The goal of the workshop is to present the capabilities of agent-based modelling and simulation in a variety of air traffic management scenarios, and to explain why this technique is unique and specially powerful to understand certain scenarios in which a variety of elements interact for a final solution.
  • Finally, on the 24-27th of November we will be in Trento, Italy at the STS Italia Conference 2016. We will present our paper Changing complex socio-technical infrastructures: the case of Air Traffic Management. In this paper, we analyse the practices used to make decisions and changes in Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. The study focuses on how the main relational elements involved in decision processes – such as reputation, usefulness of the decision and trust – affect the ATM infrastructure.


PACAS will take part in the Sixth SESAR Innovation Days.

This year’s edition of SIDs, hosted by the Technical University of Delft, will be held in The Netherlands on the 8–10th of November, 2016. We will bring and present a poster illustrating the preliminary results achieved so far. Keep following us for updates and more info on our participation in this event!