PACAS at the IEEE RCIS 2017 conference

PACAS’s paper Gamification Solutions for Software Acceptance was accepted to the IEEE RCIS 2017.

The Eleventh IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS)  will be held 10-12 May 2017 in Brighton (UK), and PACAS will take part in the event to present the paper.

Gamification is a powerful paradigm and a set of best practices used to motivate people carrying out a variety of ICT–mediated tasks. Designing gamification solutions and applying them to a given ICT system is a complex and expensive process (in time, competences and money) as software engineers have to cope with heterogeneous stakeholder requirements on one hand, and Acceptance Requirements on the other, that together ensure effective user participation and a high level of system utilization. As such, gamification solutions require significant analysis and design as well as suitable supporting tools and techniques.
In this work, we compare concepts, tools and techniques for gamification design drawn from Software Engineering and Human and Organizational Behaviors. We conduct a comparison by applying both techniques to the specific Meeting Scheduling exemplar used extensively in the Requirements Engineering literature.

Click to read the full paper Gamification Solutions for Software Acceptance: A Comparative Study of Requirements Engineering and Organizational Behavior Techniques or click on the banner below to know more on the conference.