Merry festive season!

PACAS project wishes you a joyful holiday season and a happy 2018!

We will be back in January with many news on our activities!

We worked hard, we played harder!

As you know, last November PACAS attended the SESAR Innovation Days 2017 with a Tutorial session on “Participatory architectural change management in Air Traffic Management system.

The first part of the Tutorial provided an overview of the participatory change management process, emphasizing the importance of active stakeholder participation and describing the two main support tools, i.e. gamification for stakeholder engagement, and automated reasoning techniques for handling complexity. In the second part, we introduced the PACAS approach, expressly created for architectural change management in ATM systems, and described an ATM example case study dealing with the Sectorless change issue. Finally, we concluded with a demo of the framework.

The Tutorial was a success! Many SIDs attendees participated in the session, leading to a lot of interactions with the platform. Application of the platform to the ATM domain, in particular, raised much interest amongst the audience.

At the beginning of December, PACAS also held its final validation workshop at the University of Trento. The workshop involved our Advisory Board, which digitally engaged with the platform, experiencing all of its features:

o Gamification
o Multi-modelling
o Automated reasoning
o Participatory management process

This thorough interaction generated lots of feedback that PACAS will include in its next deliverables.