PACAS at the REFSQ2018 conference

PACAS has been selected to attend the 24th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ2018) to be held in Utrecht (the Netherlands) on the 19-22nd of March 2018. On this occasion, PACAS will provide full presentation of the paper “Pinpointing Ambiguity and Incompleteness in RE via Information Visualization and NLP” to an audience of both academic attendees and industry practitioners active in the field of requirements engineering.

The paper presents one technique that has been initially proposed in the first release of the reasoning proof-of-concept, and that provides a visualization of the concepts identified in the labels in one or more models, showing the perspective they belong to, and whether ambiguous terms are being used.

Multiple experts can use the work to discuss their own models in terms of the terminology they employ. In our paper, we report on a variant of this system that has been applied to the design of a website. A prototype tool that can be utilized to interactively filter the elements in the model supports our algorithm. Although not yet fully integrated in the PACAS platform, we believe this kind of tooling is essential to guarantee the terminological alignment between multiple designers. We expect this type of visualizations to be employed in follow-up projects that stem from PACAS.