Back from the REFSQ2018 conference

On the 19-22nd of March 2018, PACAS was in Utrecht (the Netherlands) to attend the 24th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ2018).

On the 20th, Elda Paja presented a poster, titled A Gamified Platform for Participatory Change Management in ATM Systems, and a demo of the participatory platform. Conference participants, consisting of about 90 people of academic and industrial backgrounds, received PACAS’s work very well, with people taking note of the project and the platform URLs, asking questions on gamification and on the composition of the Advisory Board, as well as more technical questions regarding the support for live simultaneous-modelling and automated reasoning techniques.

On the 22nd, Fabiano Dalpiaz presented the paper “Pinpointing Ambiguity and Incompleteness in RE via Information Visualization and NLP during the Taming Ambiguity session. Around 30 people, most of which with an industrial background, attended the session. The paper presents the synergistic use of natural language processing and information visualization to identify possible ambiguities in the terminology used from various experts, and to pinpoint possibly missing requirements for a system under design. The presentation was followed by a lengthy and lively discussion, which touched upon important points such as how to embed the technique in the current development methods, how this may apply to specific domains such as automotive, the possibility to update the visualization in real time, and so on. The overall reaction was very positive, and some of the industry participants confirmed this type of work relates very well with many of the problems they are currently facing in their working practices.

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